Thursday, June 13, 2013

Observation City

Observation CityTitle: Observation City
Author: Kerry Louise Connelly
Publisher: Createspace

HAVE YOU EVER thought how much the idea of superstition could be really impacting our lives? Or the concept that we may all very well have be born with a karmic tally board of which we can accumulate and loose points on through life?
OR have you just had a rubbish chain of first dates,ever been called 'snappy', had an unattainable love or has someone ever asked to buy your knickers?

IN this often HILARIOUS and FASCINATING look into the ideas of life and the behaviours of the people in it, Kerry Connelly manages to ask questions you may never have even thought about!
FROM dead end jobs to a woman's resume and taking control of your dreams...'Observation City' has been noted as a 'Charismatic companion for a fun, interesting and highly entertaining read.'

Full of witty reflections and situations relatable to women and men alike.
'Observation City' is one light and enjoyable read.
I really enjoyed this book and it was a great change from the types of books I usually read! At times, I found this book to be hilarious and at others, I found myself nodding my head along. Observation City was a great read and is completely different and original.

Observation City is basically split up into 21 pieces in 3 sections. Each section is about either love, life or attitude. I honestly have no clue how to describe this book properly or good enough but what I do know is that you should definitely read it!

The writing in the book was really engaging and had me hooked from the start. I also loved the everyday references and opinions given on them. It made the book so relatable and I find myself thinking of the book often after reading it.

I really enjoyed this and I would like to thank the author for giving me a copy. Observation City really brightened up my day and will cure and sadness!

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