Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Library

The LibraryTitle: The Library
Author: Karen A. Wyle
Publication date: March 30th 2013

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Rachel has few memories of love or safety. All her short life, she found refuge in reading. Now, in the afterlife, she is shown a wonderful library, where she can curl up in comfort, and lose herself in books.

But Rachel has other choices. She could be examining the life she left, or exploring places she never had the chance to see. Can a new friend who understands her sorrow help her to leave the shelter of the library, and open herself to the people and places beyond?

The free story, set in the same afterlife as the novel Wander Home, introduces the reader to the features of this afterlife, as well as to the character Cassidy from the novel.


The Library is basically a short story which gives a greater insight of the characters in the book Wander Home. The Library is mainly focused on Rachel and Cassidy. I found this short story to be quite an enjoyable read.

In The Library, Rachel goes back and relives her past memories along with her mother's sister, Dana. Dana takes Rachel to a library which is described in great detail. (I wish I could go there!). Further on in the story, Rachel has lost sight of Dana and starts to feel this pull. After awhile, Rachel sees a teenage girl and soon they get to know each other. Rachel soon finds out the girl's name is Cassidy. After this, the girls meet up frequently and start to warm up to each other. What I liked most was how well the dialogues were written and how their friendship gradually formed over time.

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