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Title: Prodigal
Author: Rektok Ross
Publisher: Ic13 Books

It was supposed to be Lexy Quinn’s year.

The hard-working wallflower has finally landed the coveted spot as Editor of her school’s newspaper. Then the rug is ripped out from under her when she finds out her mom is sick, and the family is moving half-way across the country to Preston Hills, Texas. Lexy can’t think of a worse place to be than at a school full of snobby rich kids where she’ll have to start all over to get people to notice her writing, or–who is she kidding?—notice her at all.

When the most swoon-worthy boy in town, who also happens to be the jock celebrity quarterback, gives her an exclusive interview, Lexy’s life takes an unexpected turn. Ash Preston is the perfect guy and, even better, he sees Lexy as she wants to be seen. But can she trust him?

PRODIGAL is a different kind of love story, where faith, romance, and God converge . . . and it just might change the way you look at your life.


 When I first read the blurb on the back of the book, I knew I had to read it. Once I started I couldn't stop, it was just that good. Prodigal was a very sweet, touching and heart warming story. The author is a very talented person and knows what a reader wants in a book.

The story is told in the main character's POV. In this case, it'd be Lexy. Lexy is sort of a wallflower but has managed to score a spot as the editor of her school's paper and is looking forward to her new status. But just when things are going to change for the better, devastation is brought upon when her parents tell her that her mom is sick and they need to move to Texas.

Just as she suspects, school is already starting to become her worst nightmare. The kids at Preston are super rich and Lexy is already on the bad side of the very famous Blythe Preston....without knowing, Lexy has attracted the attention of Blythe's ex who goes by the name of Brian. Brian helps Lexy out and they soon become friends but he seems to have something against the school's hottest guy, Ash Preston (Yes, he's Blythe's older brother).

Ash is the school's star quarterback and has the attention of the whole female population of the school. However, he doesn't show much interest in anyone and prefers to be by himself. But when Lexy comes along, he starts to show feelings for her and they start to get closer.

Lexy has to interview him for her job on the newspaper in the school but after she starts to ask a few personal questions, Ash seems upset and they start to grow distant. Lexy can't help but wonder what she did wrong...

Although they try to ignore their feelings for each other, they somehow end up back together but Lexy denies it and pushes him away...the worst part is that when she finally admits her feeligs for him, he says that he doesn't have any towards her and that it's too late. Worst of all, to prove things right, Lexy's so called friend at school starts to date Ash.

What will happen to Lexy and Ash? What about Brian whom Lexy wants only as a friend? And what about the secrets Ash is keeping away from Lexy?

Prodigal is a wonderful and enticing read which will get you hooked from the start. I really enjoyed this book and look forward to seeing more form this author. The book has a perfect combination of heart warming and heart wrenching stories whic will leave you breathless.

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