Monday, January 07, 2013

Movie Monday #2

Hey guys! For today's Movie Monday special, I'll be showing some fantastic pics of City of Bones by Cassandra Clare :)

Hope you enjoy.

City of Bones 1
(creepy vampire dude....)
City of Bones 2
The female protagonist of the movie : Lily Collins (starring as Clary Fray)
City of Bones 3
Every movie is got to have a British actor! Meet Jared Harris!
 City of Bones 4
Is there a moody, unknowable male fantasy figure that women will automatically go crazy for, even though in real life he'd be the world's biggest git? Absolutely. Step forward Jamie Campbell Bower.
City of Bones 5
Hmm....what expression would that be?
City of Bones 6
Ooooh, this is the scene where Jace reveals their secret world to Clary!
City of Bones 7
I'm guessing this pretty much guantees flamethrowers and fires :)
City of Bones 8
Freaky and scary looking kids? (Ugh...)
City of Bones 9
Another guy? This is Jonathan Rhys Meyers.
City of Bones 10
Now let's see some action!!!

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Click the above to see a comparison with Twilight!

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