Friday, December 21, 2012

In Your Dreams

In Your Dreams (In Your Dreams #1)Title: In Your Dreams
Author: Amy Martin
Publisher: Amy Martin (Self-published)


Sixteen-year-old Zara "Zip" McKee lives for three things: basketball, books, and bailing out of tiny Titusville, Illinois, where the junior high and high school are in the same building and everyone's known everyone else since birth. But when Kieran Lanier moves to town and passes out on her desk on his first day at school, Zip's life gets complicated in a way she never dreamed.

Kieran has narcolepsy, and although he sometimes struggles to stay awake, he has no trouble capturing Zip's heart and trusting her with his most guarded secret--he sees bits and pieces of the future in his dreams.

But just when Zip thinks that maybe she can handle having a boyfriend who sees things before they happen, her budding relationship with Kieran gets a jolt when Kieran's parents reveal that his sleeping disorder is not what it seems and may be putting them in harm's way. And when Zip begins to have unsettling dreams, she must decide if she can live with knowing the future in advance when she's afraid of what might happen.

Let me just say thank you to Amy Martin for allowing me to read this incredible book. The story line is different from others and I completely enjoyed it. Keiran and Zip/Zara are great and interesting characters which you can warm up to easily. Kayla and Zip get off rough but seem to be great friends in the end and I totally understand why Kayla was being suspicious of Zip being friends with Keiran giving the conditions he has. This story shows true love and kept me on edge everytime Morgan or Frank, the said-to-be-badguys, were mentioned. However in the end we find out that Morgan is actually a really nice and caring person who wants to fix things with Keiran after we learn that he is Keiran's real father and his mom, Jenna, died while they were living their past criminal lives. However, they don't find a way to cure Keiran of his condition from Morgan and it turns out that since nobody knows how to make the 'drug' which infected Keiran, they will never know.

I hope to see many more of Amy's books as, proven by this book, her stories are wonderful and leave you wanting for more. Once again I would like to give a huge Thank You to everyone who has contributed in this book, for if it weren't for you, I wouldn't have enjoyed another wonderful story written by a talented person.


  1. Sounds like a good book. I'll look for it at the library. I love the blog...

  2. sounds like a great book, I love to read! Saw your post on blogaholic and following you on GFC now. I look forward to your future posts :)

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